Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wlidlife Photography

Wildlife & Nature Photography


Wildlife means the life in totally natural conditions. It is something not organized, not controlled and not cultured or civilized. Not like in the civilized world, everything you see in the wild environments is 100% alive. There you can see various kinds of animals, birds and other creatures, various types of trees, bushes and plants, various types of flowers and fruits, and various picturesque sceneries like waterfalls, water fields, ponds, lakes, streams and rivers with their natural beauty. All these things are 100% live. Aren’t they? Even a dead body of an animal or a dead tree or a bush in this natural world looks alive.

In civilized world, what you see are almost 100% dead. Though you are living, you look dead. You are not with the nature and you always are against her. You have various trees, bushes and plants in your gardens. You have pet animals, birds and fish too in your homes and gardens. None of them is showing their natural behaviors. They are totally artificial, and far away from the nature. So the real life if you are looking for, you need to get into a jungle.

So, before you enter into this natural world, you must remember one very important point.
“You have no rights to disturb the natural conditions being preserved in the wild world”.
It is more like a ‘read only’ document where you have no rights to do ‘any’ change. So, do not kill any living being, do not harm anything, do not steal anything, and genuinely and honestly, do not change or touch anything. Never ever drop or leave any artificial thing you carry there.
Do not disturb the virginity of this world by any means.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography is capturing and preserving their natural behaviors and movements into a film, without disturbing the natural conditions. Try not to disturb animals or birds while you are taking their photographs. Let them enjoy their natural freedom in the way they want, and capture whatever the movements you want. Then only the photographs you take will become valuable. They need to be rich with the natural beauty as far as possible. If it be disturbed, the quality of the photograph will be dropped down to some grate extent, even if the subjected creature looks at your camera.
(On the other hand, disturbing wild animals could sometimes be critically dangerous and harmful to you).

Techniques which could be applied

In photography world, there are numerous methods and techniques to photograph animals without disturbing them.

Using telephoto and Zoom lenses
Using digital zooming
Employing remote control devices and auto activating devices to operate the cameras and lenses
Taking hideouts and safe places to stay for photographing
Tripods will have to be used to avoid potential shaking, while Tele lenses are being used.

In addition to ‘not disturbing the animals’, capturing the best movement of their behavior gives a grate impact on the quality of your photograph.

So, you will have to repeat ‘clicking’ your camera a number of times while advancing the film. Practically, it takes a few seconds gap between each couple of manual clicks. That means, you are losing those few valuable seconds gap in which you are unable to click.
To avoid this problem, you can employ an Auto winder which can enable you to take many snap shots per second continually. So, you can make a small movie clip like slip, and select the best movement you want, later.

Lighting up for the photograph

You can hardly use any other lighting up system than the available natural light, the Sun. So, it will be all up to your exposure control facilities available with your camera, and the speed of the film, (or the capacity and the light-sensitivity of your Digital Camera) to take a well lit up photograph.

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